Elemental 75 PCB



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Advanced Design

Elemental 75's PCB has been refined to provide you the most advanced features, built with powerful QMK firmware.

Extreme Customizability

Elemental 75's PCB provides many layout options.

Extra Features

Elemental 75's PCB contains extra features such as a rotary encoder to provide you the most high end experience.

Qwicc Connect System. The PCB provides Qwicc Connect ports (4-pin JST Connectors), which allows you to connect to external modules. You can hook up your own modules or use our custom modules. Besides Qwicc (i2C) ports, we also provide SPI 6 pin JST Connectors for higher speed modules.

High Power MCU. The PCB features an ARM micrcontroller, equipped extra EEPROM for future proofing. It also features a one push reset button for easy use.

What's featured
STM32 Microcontroller
USB-C Port
Qwicc Connect System
RGB Backlighting
ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection
QMK and VIA Configurator compatible firmware
Matte blue solder mask
1.6 mm thick
Compatible with Elemental 75 Case
Width: 12.67 inches (321.83 mm)
Depth: 5.36 inches (136.09 mm)

Compatible with SparkFun's Qwiic Connect System
Connectors: Qwiic (JST 4-Pin), SPI (JST 6-Pin), 1.0mm 6 Pin Headers
Hotswap PCB layout:
Solder PCB layout: