Stock Grading A keyboard sold as A-stock has passed the following criteria:
  • No major flaws such as heavy scratches or dents greater than 3x3 mm in enclosing area on the custom keyboard case components themselves visible under fully assembled state:
    • The faces of the keyboard included under this clause are the sections of the top, left side, right side, front side, rear side, and bottom faces which remain visible once assembled
  • Structure assembles properly
  • Keyboard functions properly

Flaws acceptable on an A-stock unit include the following, but are not limited to:
  • Any internal flaws such as anodizing streaks, machining marks, and scratches, provided they do not impact the functionality of the unit:
    • The faces covered in this criterion include those covered and hidden after full assembly such as the inner faces of the case top half and plate surfaces
  • Small imperfections under the size outlined above
  • Variances in anodizing and finish color
  • Imperfections on exterior components not custom-produced for the keyboard, such as screws and rubber feet, which do not affect the functionality of the unit
  • Imperfections to components which are not part of the keyboard itself upon assembly, such as packaging and included tools

Flaws acceptable on an B-stock unit include the following, but are not limited to:
  • Flaws on exterior surfaces visible following assembly which are deemed to not be of extreme nature during quality control checking
  • Any flaws deemed acceptable by A-stock standards

Any unit without a grade explicitly stated is inherently sold as A-stock.
We reserve the right to make our decisions regarding the categorization of its sold units under the grading given.

If a unit is found to be lesser than the grade marked for sale, clear evidence of the offending criteria must be provided. We reserve the right to make decisions accepting or rejecting the given claims of quality.