Refund Policy Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns, and order cancellations can only be issued before the end date of a group buy. Once a group buy concludes, all sales are final and returns and order cancellations are not possible.

A 4% fee will be applied to all refunds as payment processors do not refund transaction fees.

All products carry a 10-day replacement window starting at the day of product delivery. Replacements are only accepted on unused items which are in their initial condition, complete with all original packaging, all accessories, and proof of purchase. We will not accept returns, refunds, or replacements under any circumstances for the following:
  • Preferences such as acoustics, aesthetics, or typing feel
  • Timing problems such as estimated delivery date, delivery date, or delays
  • Maximizing unit quality or resale value by “binning” units through replacements
  • Failed delivery due to any of the following reasons:
    • Incorrect address and/or delivery details
    • Lack of response to courier inquiries
    • Refusal of payment of import duties and/or taxes
    • Rejection of customs clearance
  • Mismatch of group buy product description and delivered product due to the unpredictable nature of group buys
  • Any clauses covered in any other document agreed to for the purchase, such as but not limited to the stock grading policy
We reserve the right to verify that the product qualifies for a claim. 

We also reserve the right to cancel a replacement due to any of the following but not limited to:
  • Visible signs of use or assembly, including packaging beyond the minimum that must be opened to access the part in question
  • Missing and/or damaged packaging and/or accessories
  • Damage due to user error
Any replacements will only occur after the vendor has received the item and has verified the contents of the claim. Under no circumstance will any replacement be issued before the item has been safely delivered back to the vendor and confirmed.

The buyer is responsible for shipping and handling of the item from the buyer to the vendor. It is recommended to ship the item properly using tracked and insured methods; no replacement may be offered if the returned item is damaged, destroyed, or lost during transit from the buyer to the vendor.