Elemental 75 Kit

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OLED Module

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Refined Architecture

Elemental 75's has been refined to provide a high profile case while sporting a blocked 75% layout.

Ultra Flexible

As keyboards trend towards softer typing experiences, Elemental 75 pushes the limits with a custom PCB secured to the case using gasket mount for a remarkably flexible and bouncy typing experience. PCB Screws connecting to the plate can be removed on the soldered PCB for the softest typing experience.

Gasket mount. The PCB is sandwiched by the case from above and an ultra-soft poron gasket below, absorbing keystroke vibrations for a muted sound and softer typing experience.

Custom PCB. Elemental 75 comes with a custom PCB that is compatible with VIA and QMK. A hotswap PCB is available so you can quickly and easily assemble your keyboard in just minutes — no soldering required. For extra layout customization, a soldered PCB will be available.

What's Included
Elemental keyboard case
1x Brass Plate
1x PCB
8x Poron gaskets
1x Knob
1x M2x4 mm knob screw
10x M2x6 mm case screws
8x M2x3mm countersunk flat screws
8x M2x3.5mm threaded spacers
4x Rubber bumpons
Aluminum, completely configurable.
Width: 12.67 inches (321.83 mm)
Depth: 5.36 inches (136.09 mm)
Height: 0.85 inches (21.54 mm)
Angle: 6.5 degrees
Polished Brass
Gasket mount
8x M2x3mm round head screws
STM32 Microcontroller
USB-C Port
Qwicc Connect System
RGB Backlighting
ESD, over-voltage, and over-current protection
QMK and VIA Configurator compatible firmware
Matte blue solder mask
1.6 mm thick

Hotswap PCB layout:
Solder PCB layout: